Start-up Zone

It’s all about Decarbonisation & Safety

Reaching Net Zero will require the sort of innovations that transformed our world during the industrial revolution. Out there somewhere is the person or persons with the spark of an idea to revolutionise the way we create, transport and use energy.

Energy Network Events in conjunction with our partners have launched an Entrepreneurs’ Zone at ENERGYx2020 where small start-up companies can showcase their inventiveness and solutions to help the industry achieve decarbonisation and a safer working environment.

Energyx2020 Entrepreneurs’ Zone is the perfect venue for you to launch your business on a trajectory that will put you where you want to be. Attending the event are many of the important decision and policy makers from the energy industry as well as large energy consuming companies.
This is your chance to demonstrate your products and services to them.

If you are a Start-up, (trading less than 36 months) and want to be involved in the transformation of the industry, then apply today to exhibit by completing the enquiry form.